Nagaland +1 Routine 2025, NBSE Class 11th Final Exam Date Sheet 2025

Nagaland HSSLC Routine 2025: Get the NBSE Class 11th Routine 2025 in PDF format. The Nagaland board has already put out its HSSLC Time Table for today. The exam plan has been made public because the board knows how eager the students are to know when their tests are. There are dates and times for all the tests in the Nagaland HSSLC Routine 2025. There is now a timetable for both the theory and practice tests from the board. So, students should download the schedule online, or they can get to it from this page on our website.

Nagaland’s HSSLC Plan for 2025 Students in the 11th grade who are taking tests this year can find out right away when their board exams are. Students are studying hard for the tests so that they can get good grades on them. This is because the test number is very important for getting into college. All of the students have turned their attention to their studies and have already started pulling all-nighters. Both the pass rate and the number of top scorers in the state are likely to go up by a large amount. This year’s numbers are much better because students paid more attention and the board took the tests very seriously. Since the timetable is out, the board’s only job now is to release the NBSE HSSLC accept cards, which will happen soon enough.

Nagaland’s HSSLC Schedule for 2025, For now, students should get the NBSE Class 11th Routine 2025 online or from the bulletin board at school and read through all of the dates first. The PDF file of the public timetable made it clear what the test was called, when it was held, and what day it was. After going over each column, students should make a good plan for how they will study for the test. From the timetable, it looked like the board had used the same test dates as last year. Beginning on February 11, 2019, students in the eleventh grade will have tests. Students in the eighth grade will have exams from February 11, 2019, to February 5, 2019. When are the exams? The XI exams will be from 1 to 4 PM, and the HSSLC exams will be from 9 to 12 AM. Students shouldn’t get stressed out about when their tests are.

How to Get the NBSE HSSLC Exam Schedule

The NBSE HSSLC Exam Routine 2025 is pretty simple to get. There won’t be any hard steps in this process of getting the schedule. Following the steps we’ve listed below is all you need to do. Now, read on!

  • First, go to, which is the main website of NBSE.
  • The website’s home page has a part called “Routines” on the left side.
  • It will bring up a list of new tasks when you click on it.
  • If you click on “Nagaland HSSLC Time Table,” the timetable will open in a PDF file.
  • Study the information on it, especially the dates, and then get the file.
  • If you need to, print out the page for future use.

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