Central Bank of India Balance Check Number, CBI Bank Balance Check Missed Call Number

How can I check the balance of my Central Bank of India account? Customers of Central Bank of India have access to a number of choices, including Central Bank of India missed call number, SMS Banking, Net Banking, etc., to check their account balance.

CBI Bank Balance Check Missed Call Number

This article will go through several ways, including net banking, mobile banking, and others, to check the balance of a Central Bank of India account.

Central Bank of India Balance Check Number,

Missed call number for the Central Bank of India’s balance Enquiry Customers may check their account balance straight from their registered phone via the Central Bank of India’s missed call alert service. The following are the steps to use this service:

  1. To register your phone number for missed call service, go to the Central Bank of India branch that is most convenient for you. At the time of account creation, customers can also make changes to their bank accounts.
  2. After the service has been enabled, call 9555244442. Automatic call termination will occur.
  3. An SMS notice informing you of the specifics of the available balance will be sent to you.

Mini-statement from the Indian Central Bank Unreturned Call Number

With the missed call number, you may get the Central Bank of India Mini-statement of the most recent five transactions. Once the missed call has been made, the call will instantly hang up and you’ll get an SMS with a brief statement. 95551 44441. is the Central Bank of India Mini-statement missed call number.

SMS Banking for Central Bank of India using a balance check number

Central Bank of India users may check their account balance with the aid of SMS service from their registered cellphone number. The user must send the SMS to 9967533228 in a certain format in order to access this service. The bank will reply with an SMS of its own containing the revised balance as soon as it gets this SMS.

The format for sending the account balance Enquiry is BALAVL <Account Number> <MPIN>

Here the unique pin will be sent by the bank (on request) to your postal home address.

With the Central Bank of India’s mobile banking service, check your balance.

Cent Mobile is a mobile banking app developed by the Central Bank of India. The app offers a fantastic user experience along with a huge selection of services, including the ability to receive account statements and send money to third parties. Here, a client may quickly and conveniently check the balance of their account at any moment. This service doesn’t need a human bank visit and is available 24/7/365. To provide clients with digital services, the app is available for download from the Google Playstore and the iOS store on the registered mobile phone. After downloaded, the user must complete a single registration process in order to access the account.

With the Central Bank of India’s Online Banking Service, check your balance

Customers of the Central Bank of India can use the net banking feature to check the balance of their current accounts. Even on government-declared bank holidays, anybody may utilise this service at any time. With an internet connection and a computer with a browser, a consumer may simply take use of this service. Unfortunately, only those who have registered may use this function. In the nearby branch, you may submit an application for a net banking service. The bank will give you the necessary login information when you register so you may use Central Bank of India online banking at www.centralbank.net.in. Once activated, you can quickly use this service at any moment during the day.

Check Your Balance With UPI

The UPI app makes it simple to check your Central Bank of India bank balance. Your bank account is accessible through the UPI app, allowing you to utilise your bank account through the UPI network. You may see your account’s bank balance in addition to paying for transactions. You can use the procedures below to determine your Central Bank of India account’s bank balance.

  1. Launch the UPI app on your mobile device, then enter your login information to access your account.
  2. You must go to the account overview, which is where your UPI account is located, after logging in.
  3. Click the “Check Balance” button after which you must enter your UPI PIN.
  4. Your account balance will show up on the screen following the entry of the UPI PIN.

With a Central Bank of India ATM card, check the balance

An ATM card offers account checking capabilities in addition to cash withdrawals. You will need to have an active Central Bank of India ATM card in order to use this function. You can apply for this card at a Central Bank of India branch close to you if you do not already have one. To check your bank balance, you may use the card at any ATM. The entire service is gratuitous. Here are the procedures to check your account balance using an ATM:

  • Put the ATM card into the device.
  • The device would request the related ATM pin.
  • Press enter after inserting the proper pin.
  • To find out the balance of your available account, use the Balance Enquiry option.

Visit Your Nearby Central Bank of India Branch to Check Your Balance

To check the balance of your current account, you can also use the time-honored procedure of going to the closest Central Bank of India branch. The bank executives will assist you in updating your passbook and providing you with a history of all previous transactions in addition to your current bank balance.

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